Posted by: kcringoli | April 6, 2009

…we forgot about this blog…

After having you guys  home at Christmas, and all the excitement that ensued, we were thrown off track and I personally forgot all about this blog.  My memory was sparked on Friday night when I had something fun I wanted to share with you guys.

We went for a moonlight hike with the Capitol Hiking Club.  Once a month, they sponsor a free hike in Maryland (it’s more of a walk really).  It’s a total of 4 miles and a great way to spend a friday evening. 

There is a walking trail along the C&O towpath, and it’s peaceful and quiet, and the moon provides enough light to walk by (we had flashlights just in case).  After 2 miles, you reach some falls/rapids, which are pretty awesome to see in the moonlight.  It’s another 2 miles back to the parking lot.  We got there around 8 and were back to the lot around 10.  The Old Angler’s Inn is right across the street and we grabbed a beer and sat out on their very nice patio and enjoyed the nice weather. 

There were about 15-20 people on the walk, various ages, and it’s great because people spread out, so it doesn’t feel like a guided tour.  It’s very much geared for ‘go at your pace’.  I think you guys would really enjoy it.

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