Posted by: kcringoli | December 9, 2008

Sights and Sounds

This past weekend we went to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the 930 club.  They rocked, to say the least.  They played an awesome set and it had lots of energy.  They came back out for their encore and before I knew what my ears were hearing the band was playing Tom Petty’s ‘Running Down a Dream’.  I’ll post the track for you this week.  It was pretty cool to hear live and I think you might enjoy too. 

Sunday we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the apartment a little for Navidad.  I have a few pics of that as well and will post in a day or two once everything is loaded off the camera. 

We’re gearing up to have a holiday party at our place this coming weekend, so we’re excited for that.  A few visitors from Hoboken are planning to attend, so we’re really happy to be having the party, and to host good friends we haven’t seen in a few months.  We wish you guys could attend as well, maybe next year 😉

Until I have media to enhance this post….Happy  Tuesday.


  1. Definitely post that track, that sounds awesome! Also, we’d love to see some pics on this blog.

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