Posted by: lauramichelle711 | November 17, 2008

Battleground Rockville

When I turned on my car two weeks ago to go to the airport, my brake light, anti-lock brake light, and my tire presure gauge light were all on. It being 6:00 in the morning and me being a trained mechanic, I figured that if I didn’t find out what was wrong I could probably drive to BWI just fine. Although the manual said “turn off your engine immediately and bring your car in to the toyota dealer, stupid” I hoped that it would fix itself while I was in Orlando. Lo and behold, though, when I returned that Thursday, the lights were still on. I brought Old Faithful into the Toyota dealer on Saturday a little worried but thinking/hoping it was a wiring problem (read, under warrenty). Much to my surprise, my new best friend Dan called me and asked if I had any enemies because my anti-lock brake sensor wire was cut and missing.

Remembering that a squirrel was poking around there the Saturday before, I asked if he could have done it. While Dan thought it looked more like a knife cut, he agreed that it was a possibility. After shelling out my life savings, the guys at Toyota replaced the part and I picked up my car on Tuesday (and then returned Wednesday because they forgot to pop my backseat back in).

Three days later Merritt and I were leaving for Baltimore when the three lights were on AGAIN! I bring the car BACK to Toyota and after a quick run through they discover the SAME wire was cut again. Dan still thinks it looks like knife cuts- fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I call the Rockville police to see if there are any reports of this,  but I seem to be the only one. Luckily the manager of the Toyota people gets on the case and took some great pictures for me to send to the police/ Montgomery County Office of Consumer Affairs.  When he was looking at the pictures with me over the phone, he noticed something in a picture he took by sticking the camera up above eye level. After checking it out a strange object sticking out of my tire, he called me back. There was a walnut in my wheel.

Since vandals typically do not carry nuts around, we all decided it was a squirrel and now my wire have vaseline and chili powder on it, critter ritter sprayed around it, and moth balls on top of the tire. I am ready for war.

Merritt’s parents assume this was the squirrel in question:



Moral of the story is, even though I live in the suburbs, I can still be a victim of (squirrel) gangs.


  1. A motion-detecting BB gun might be a grand investment…

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