Posted by: kcringoli | November 13, 2008

Paging Dr. Fish…

Last weekend I headed out to Alexandria with Sarah and her friend Colleen to Yvonne Salon.  We were headed there in search of Dr. Fish.  Dr. Fish you see has a unique type of pedicure that we’d been hearing about all over the news and we were curious to check things out.

Dr. Fish you see, uses real live fish to nibble away at the dead skin on your feet.  It sounds pretty crazy I know, but crazy enough that I just had to try it.


These are not my feet...but that's exaclty what happens!

These are not my feet...but that

Everyone at the salon was very friendly.  The owner was very open to answering any questions about the fish.  He showed us the pond where he keeps them (when they aren’t in the ‘feet tanks’).  He explained how and when he feeds them.  Told us that most states won’t allow the use of fish in such services because fish can’t technically be sterilized and boiling them in 100+ degree water will kill them…so it’s a bit counterproductive.  Some people pressed him about the humane nature of his business.  He was surprisingly calm and explained that in the wild, if you stood still in a pond or lake, these same fish would come nibble on your feet in the exact same way for as long as you let them.  He also says this is a common practice among many cultures in the far east…so Mary you can probably try this out on the next leg of your journey!

How does it feel??  STRANGE at first.  I yelped a little when the first little guy started nibbling.  But after about a minute it only felt like a small tickle or vibration on my feet. 

Did it work??  My feet felt like a baby’s bottom after 15 minutes in the tank with the fish.  There were some spots that still had some callus on them, but I’m told you can pay to soak as long as you like, so maybe next time 30 minutes is in order.

Will I go back again??  Probably.  It’s novel and fun and works pretty well and everyone is very nice and makes the time in the salon enjoyable.


  1. This idea kindof intrigues me and kindof freaks me out.

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