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…we forgot about this blog…

After having you guys  home at Christmas, and all the excitement that ensued, we were thrown off track and I personally forgot all about this blog.  My memory was sparked on Friday night when I had something fun I wanted to share with you guys.

We went for a moonlight hike with the Capitol Hiking Club.  Once a month, they sponsor a free hike in Maryland (it’s more of a walk really).  It’s a total of 4 miles and a great way to spend a friday evening. 

There is a walking trail along the C&O towpath, and it’s peaceful and quiet, and the moon provides enough light to walk by (we had flashlights just in case).  After 2 miles, you reach some falls/rapids, which are pretty awesome to see in the moonlight.  It’s another 2 miles back to the parking lot.  We got there around 8 and were back to the lot around 10.  The Old Angler’s Inn is right across the street and we grabbed a beer and sat out on their very nice patio and enjoyed the nice weather. 

There were about 15-20 people on the walk, various ages, and it’s great because people spread out, so it doesn’t feel like a guided tour.  It’s very much geared for ‘go at your pace’.  I think you guys would really enjoy it.

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Home For Christmas

We’re all packed up and hitting the road on Saturday morning heading home for Christmas.  We have 2 digital cameras and the video camera in tow to record the festivities and fun.  If we’re able, we’ll post pics and maybe some video throughout the week.

Our plan is for a Cringoli Christmas this year.  So we’ll be camped out with my parents for the week and visiting the Pospulas pretty regularly as well.  We’ll be in town for an entire week and we’re excited to be able to make the rounds and see who we can catch up with.

Of course we’re sad you won’t be around, but we’re excited to see how you spend your Navidad this year, and always know you’re in our thoughts. 

Since we’ll be at my parents, add Richard Cringoli to your Skype contacts, that will be the easiest way to find us, and I’m sure we’ll be Skyping plenty to say hello to Amsterdam, Florida etc. 

Merry Christmas!!!

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Holiday “Appliance” Party

So we had our party this past weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  I think we probably had about as much fun getting ready for the party as we did having everyone over.  We made lots of good food and Nick was super excited to be Mr. Bartender for the evening.

I didn’t do a good job taking lots of pictures, but we had a good crowd.  The V’s stopped by, a few high school friends, Lauraand Merrit stopped by at the end of the night too.  Mike and Matt and Jenna, Jerry, Cristen and Gianni, Brian and Sarah were all around. 

Here is a link to the photo album.

It was a good time and we were happy to have people in the place enjoying food drinks and friendship  (and a decent view of the skyline).

Posted by: kcringoli | December 11, 2008

Music For Your Ears


Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – 12/6/08 – The 930 Club – Washington DC

Running Down A Dream

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Pictures for your Pleasure





Making Sauce and Meatballs
















Christmas at the new place

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Sights and Sounds

This past weekend we went to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the 930 club.  They rocked, to say the least.  They played an awesome set and it had lots of energy.  They came back out for their encore and before I knew what my ears were hearing the band was playing Tom Petty’s ‘Running Down a Dream’.  I’ll post the track for you this week.  It was pretty cool to hear live and I think you might enjoy too. 

Sunday we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the apartment a little for Navidad.  I have a few pics of that as well and will post in a day or two once everything is loaded off the camera. 

We’re gearing up to have a holiday party at our place this coming weekend, so we’re excited for that.  A few visitors from Hoboken are planning to attend, so we’re really happy to be having the party, and to host good friends we haven’t seen in a few months.  We wish you guys could attend as well, maybe next year 😉

Until I have media to enhance this post….Happy  Tuesday.

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It’s that time of year to pack sweaters in duffle bags and hit the road for Thanksgiving.  After the next few days I’m sure I’ll have more to post:  pictures and stories to share with you.  For now though I just wanted to send a little note of Thanksgiving through cyberland down to America del Sur.  You will be missed at home, but it seems to me life has other plans for you that in the long run will be more satisfying than turkey and stuffing (but I’m not sure if it could really top pie pan rolls…those are pretty amazing 😉 

Happy Thanksgiving. 

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

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Battleground Rockville

When I turned on my car two weeks ago to go to the airport, my brake light, anti-lock brake light, and my tire presure gauge light were all on. It being 6:00 in the morning and me being a trained mechanic, I figured that if I didn’t find out what was wrong I could probably drive to BWI just fine. Although the manual said “turn off your engine immediately and bring your car in to the toyota dealer, stupid” I hoped that it would fix itself while I was in Orlando. Lo and behold, though, when I returned that Thursday, the lights were still on. I brought Old Faithful into the Toyota dealer on Saturday a little worried but thinking/hoping it was a wiring problem (read, under warrenty). Much to my surprise, my new best friend Dan called me and asked if I had any enemies because my anti-lock brake sensor wire was cut and missing.

Remembering that a squirrel was poking around there the Saturday before, I asked if he could have done it. While Dan thought it looked more like a knife cut, he agreed that it was a possibility. After shelling out my life savings, the guys at Toyota replaced the part and I picked up my car on Tuesday (and then returned Wednesday because they forgot to pop my backseat back in).

Three days later Merritt and I were leaving for Baltimore when the three lights were on AGAIN! I bring the car BACK to Toyota and after a quick run through they discover the SAME wire was cut again. Dan still thinks it looks like knife cuts- fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I call the Rockville police to see if there are any reports of this,  but I seem to be the only one. Luckily the manager of the Toyota people gets on the case and took some great pictures for me to send to the police/ Montgomery County Office of Consumer Affairs.  When he was looking at the pictures with me over the phone, he noticed something in a picture he took by sticking the camera up above eye level. After checking it out a strange object sticking out of my tire, he called me back. There was a walnut in my wheel.

Since vandals typically do not carry nuts around, we all decided it was a squirrel and now my wire have vaseline and chili powder on it, critter ritter sprayed around it, and moth balls on top of the tire. I am ready for war.

Merritt’s parents assume this was the squirrel in question:



Moral of the story is, even though I live in the suburbs, I can still be a victim of (squirrel) gangs.

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Paging Dr. Fish…

Last weekend I headed out to Alexandria with Sarah and her friend Colleen to Yvonne Salon.  We were headed there in search of Dr. Fish.  Dr. Fish you see has a unique type of pedicure that we’d been hearing about all over the news and we were curious to check things out.

Dr. Fish you see, uses real live fish to nibble away at the dead skin on your feet.  It sounds pretty crazy I know, but crazy enough that I just had to try it.


These are not my feet...but that's exaclty what happens!

These are not my feet...but that

Everyone at the salon was very friendly.  The owner was very open to answering any questions about the fish.  He showed us the pond where he keeps them (when they aren’t in the ‘feet tanks’).  He explained how and when he feeds them.  Told us that most states won’t allow the use of fish in such services because fish can’t technically be sterilized and boiling them in 100+ degree water will kill them…so it’s a bit counterproductive.  Some people pressed him about the humane nature of his business.  He was surprisingly calm and explained that in the wild, if you stood still in a pond or lake, these same fish would come nibble on your feet in the exact same way for as long as you let them.  He also says this is a common practice among many cultures in the far east…so Mary you can probably try this out on the next leg of your journey!

How does it feel??  STRANGE at first.  I yelped a little when the first little guy started nibbling.  But after about a minute it only felt like a small tickle or vibration on my feet. 

Did it work??  My feet felt like a baby’s bottom after 15 minutes in the tank with the fish.  There were some spots that still had some callus on them, but I’m told you can pay to soak as long as you like, so maybe next time 30 minutes is in order.

Will I go back again??  Probably.  It’s novel and fun and works pretty well and everyone is very nice and makes the time in the salon enjoyable.

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Election Day in DC/VA

Tuesday, November 4th started quite early for Karen and I. The polls opened at 6:00 am in Virginia nad due to the fact that Karen doesn’t get home from work most says until after 7:00 pm, we had to go before work. So we awoke to our alarms going off at 5:00 and got ready for work as we normally would, and headed to the polls. Karen and I were registered at different polling places so I dropped her at hers (Key Elementary School), and I headed to mine (The Arlington Education Center – across from Whole Foods). She arrived in line at 5:40, and I at 5:45.

The line at both places was already very long, and we both ended up waiting an hour to v Read More…

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